Responsible Service of Alcohol

The management and staff of Polo Events International Pte Limited (PEIL) trading As Urban Polo believe that we have a responsibility to provide an environment that is not only comfortable and welcoming but is also where alcohol is served responsibly. With this in mind the following Host Responsibility policy has been implemented.
Polo Events International Pte Limited (PEIL) recognises that it is against the law to serve anyone to intoxication.  PEIL recognises that it is against the law to serve anyone under the age of 18.  PEIL recognises that it is against the law to allow disruptive or violent behaviour to occur on the premise.
Persons who are intoxicated will be refused admission to our premises.  We will display and refer to intoxication signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet the requirements of this legislation.  Any patron in this establishment will be denied service if they are considered intoxicated.  PEIL does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption through pricing or packages.  Low alcoholic beers and no-alcoholic beverages are stocked, promoted and offered as an alternative to patrons who are judged as becoming intoxicated.  If such patrons continue to order alcoholic beverages the staff member will contact a supervisor and alert them to the patron’s current or impending state of intoxication and refuse service on their own judgement.  If a patron is asked to leave the premises due to intoxication, they will be encouraged to take advantage of safe transport options.  We will make sure all these services are well promoted and will display signage required under the Sale of Liquor act. PEIL will ensure there is a good range of food available and offer substantial meals as well as snack foods.
PEIL recognises three forms of identification: 1. Current Singapore Drivers’ Licence. 2. NRIC Identification card. 3. Current passport.  If a staff member believes that a person who is ordering or being supplied alcohol is under 18 years of age they will request proof or age.  If a person is less than 18 years of age or refuse to produce identification, staff will refuse service and advise a supervisor of the patron(s).
If a staff member becomes aware that a person’s behaviour is becoming disruptive or violent the staff member will notify security who will discuss it with the person.  If the behaviour is not rectified the person will be asked to leave the premises and encouraged to take advantage of safe transport options.
Staff members will be pro-active in seeking to discourage drinking and driving.  PEIL offers a number of services designated to alleviate the need for drink driving.  These services include Taxis and ride sharing services.
All staff have been informed about this policy on Responsible Service of Alcohol and adequately trained to support this policy.  PEIL seeks to publicise and promote its position on Responsible Serving Practices and will not have promotions that encourage intoxication or excessive consumption of alcohol.
Host responsibility makes sure that everyone has good time and most importantly leaves in a safe shape for the trip home. It could save our licence and save your life.
We pride ourselves on being responsible hosts.

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